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About Us

Modest Shirt is a firm that gives manufacture and design services on the shirt segment with a creative point of view of experienced staff and administration.

As Modest Shirt, we were a company that gave production organization services with experience of many years but expeditious changement in fashion trend and globalization had carried us to transition. It create us an apportunity to take a step towards becoming international company.

Beside production, Modest shirt gives design services with its team of talented designers who extensive experience in the field and developed a new creative viewpoint about fashion.

Modest shirt gives a different perspective by serving collections with their distinct adaptation of global trends and develeopment.

“Qualified Crew, Creative point of view, Production potential and Modest Group experience..”

What We Make is Just A Shirt

Design Services

Modest Shirt

Creative Gudiance

Value Added Sourcing

Developing Seasonal Collections

Trend Boards Depicting The Latest Fabrics, Styling and Accessories

Innovating New Garment Finishing Techniques

We invite you to a party about fashion, for every age, everyday and every style

Head Office

Modest Shirt

Modest Group’s expanding global operations are headquartered in Istanbul with an experienced team intact with its design, marketing, merchandising, finance, planning, quality control department, pattern making studio and sample production facilities.

Specialy designed for FUN and ENJOY


Modest Shirt

Modest Group’s production facility is located in Istanbul with 2000 m2 indoor, 3000 m2 outdoor facilities that gives qualified service to its customer since 2012. Our production facility have renewed machineries and invertory parkour with the highest technology for keeping up with the time. The facility produces about 50.000 pieces per month and is supported by local subcontractors to reach monthly production rates that amount to 150.000 pieces.

In addition ; Besides Turkey production steps we are able to import fabrics from China and have capability to make a production in Bangladesh under our team control and our capacity is 50.000 pieces per month in Bangladesh facility.

Change your lifestyle with your SHIRT

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15 Temmuz Mah. Gülbahar Cad. 1498 Sok. No:22 Güneşli-Bağcılar / İstanbul